VFB's Closet: Room for Improvement


Yesterday AOL interviewed me for a story about people buying homes that needed remodeling. Last year me and the hubby bought a house and it's definitely needed a lot of work. Slowly but surely it's all been coming together. When the writer found out I had a blog she asked me to send her some pictures of myself in the house. Of course I had to scramble to take some...so here are some pics that the hubby took last night in our living room.

Here's what I wore:
Tank: Express
Jacket: Kohl's (bought about 2 years ago)
Jeans: H&M
Shoes: Tahari Ballet Flats


1 comment

  1. The cut and fit of that jacket was great. It looked stunning on you too. Stripes done in an unexpected way, really nice. Perfect interview style!


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