VF's Closet--Photo Outtakes

June 27, 2011   

When I take my outfit posts, it's so hard trying to narrow it down to only a few shots. So thought I'd share a few outfit outtakes of my original (Sun is Shinin' post) that didn't make the cut the first time around.

Random little dog that jumped in the picture--lol


  1. Blanco y denim es una combinaciĆ³n que me encanta para el verano, es tan freco y chic! Lindas las fotos!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  2. very nice outfit and such a cute dog too!

  3. Too cute! I love how beach and flowy it is!

  4. Love your outfit! especially your sandals. Where did you get it??

  5. They're from Steve Madden :)


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