My Finds: Weekend Shopping

Zara Dress, $19
This past weekend I finally hit the mall in hopes of taking advantage of the deals that are still lingering from the 4th of July sales. There were so many crazy deals, I seriously had to control myself from wanting to buy the entire store. Fortunately (for me and my wallet) I did have some self control and managed to buy 4 items all for under $100. As you can see, I'm all about stripes this summer. It's such a classic staple and I seriously wear this striped shirt so much (seen here and here) that it was time to get another striped shirt. And can I tell it was just $4 at Banana Republic. This striped dress was $19 at Zara.  Here are some other deals I scored.

Banana Republic, $4

Banana Republic, $29 on sale 


  1. Wow ! $4 tshirt ! What an amazing deal you found x)

  2. Do I take it you love stripes too!

    There is just something about stripes... so fun and easy to wear, at least for me.

  3. I love, love, love the dress. Such a great summer look!

  4. $4 for a BR shirt, seriously??? Awesome

  5. $4 !! where did you get it ??? :)

  6. It's from Banana Republic... I almost couldn't believe the price tag lol


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