VF's Closet: Blast from the Past

Dress: Forever 21, Shoes: Nimel by Limelight (yes, I know I wear this a lot),
Bracelets: Street Vendor
Here are the last of my pictures from my San Blas trip. I had completely forgot I had this dress and ended up packing it last minute. It's from Forever 21 and I've actually only worn it a handful of times. The last time I wore it was about 4 years ago during my honeymoon in Bora Bora. It might make a couple more appearances this summer, since it's such an easy dress to just throw on for a day at the beach.

Wearing the Same Dress Back in 2007 

ps. I found some pictures of me wearing the dress during my honeymoon and thought I'd share. Here's a blast from the past.

Wearing the same dress above during my honeymoon circa 2007

Picture of resort where we stayed in Bora Bora. Kinda reminds me of a postcard. Wish I can teleport myself there right now--sigh.

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  1. That resort looks STUNNING! The dress is so perfect for the locale.


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