My Finds: LC Lauren Conrad Kohl's Line

Yesterday I took a little trip to Kohl's and spotted some really cute new additions in the LC Lauren Conrad line.  Although her fall line hasn't hit stores yet, I did find this one burgundy blouse (with the roses) from her fall line already in stores. For the most part, everything pictured here is under $35. What do you think? Aren't those polka-dot shorts adorable?



  1. Wow ... it's a cute burgundy blouse. Incidentally, I'm looking for a blouse for stock variation in my boutique. I have a small boutique near the house. I was confused to find references about fashion this year. Could you help me?

  2. Just a few days before Christmas, I found the polka dot shorts in clearance. $4, plus I had a 30% coupon. Man, I love Kohl's!


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