6 Tips for Extending the Life of your Wardrobe....

Here's the latest article I did for New Latina where I share some of my tips for extending the life of your wardrobe.

Taking good care of your clothes is essential to making sure they last a long time. The longer they last = the less money you'll have to spend on replacing them right? Okay, I admit it, there was a time when I wouldn't take good care of my clothes, but luckily for me, my neat freak hubby quickly changed my ways. Here are some helpful tips in caring for your clothes and making them last:
  1. Limit your wear. As soon as you get home from work or school, make sure you change out of your clothes. This helps in preventing tear and wear of the garment.
  2. Skip a wash. Some items can go a couple of wears before actually hitting the washer. For example jeans and darker colored items (that is of course making sure they have no stains). I usually wear my jeans at least twice before washing. Excessive washing can wear out your clothes in no time and fade colors
  3. Follow instructions. This might sound like a no brainer, but make sure you are reading the labels on your clothes for proper instructions. If it says hand wash, then make sure you are not sticking it in the washer and so forth. 
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Do you have any tips of your own? Then leave us a comment, I'd love to hear them.


  1. I do those same things! Though I will admit wearing my jeans more than twice depending on the circumstances. I will also hand wash items... it is less ruff on them than a machine wash.


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