Quilted Coats: Under $150

For most of us the daunting winter weather is nearing, so once again we're back to thinking about yet another new wardrobe! Not that I'm complaining! In preparation for the chilly days, I've been stocking up with cute scarfs, gloves and big boots but the one thing I can't  decide on is a new coat. It's the fundamental basic, the thing you'll grab when the sky is grey, it'll have to go with nearly everything you wear, so what is a girl to do? Buy a boring plain coat that will match anything? Or embrace the new vivid color trend and be daring with a beautifully bright number. 

For the most bang on trend colors for this winter range from mustard yellow to bright turquoise. So get out there and find your shade. However, if you don't want to be daring with color, there are new styles to try out. The new 'it' style for coats this autumn and winter 2011/2012 is the "quilted" look, warm comfortable, yet uber trendy. Give it a go, I love it. Here are a couple of options all under $150.

By Katie Cornish
Contributing Writer for Viva Fashion

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