Bright vs. Light

Since Audrey Hepburn made the little black dress famous in 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' it's been seen everywhere. There are dozens of reason to love the LBD, it should be every woman's go to item because of its versatility as it is instantly interchangeable from day to night by simply accessorizing.

Now there is a new reason to love it. The days of struggling to find a pair of heels to match that perfect dress are over. Go ahead and splurge on those gorgeous heels you've seen but wouldn't normally risk buying because you have "nothing to wear them with" because heels are taking center stage and the taller and brighter the better!

Add a twist on the 'classic' look, teaming killer colorful heels with plain dresses is an art and there's ways to pull off this look and ways to flop. I suggest pairing pastel colored shoes (lilac, coral etc.) with white/pale dresses then for the classic LBD go all out glamorous with bright colors (red, electric blue..etc.)

Where to Buy:
Suede Platform Pumps, Charlotte Russe, $30

By Katie Cornish

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