The Mad Hatter

Having an item that is immediately attention grabbing yet elegant is a difficult thing to find, but thanks to the major hat trend at the moment; you can do jus that. You are really spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the perfect hat to accessorize any outfit because there are dozens of different styles and colors to suit all occasions (my favorite at the moment is a deep berry for a splash of glamours color) so stock up because they are definitely the 'it' accessory right now.

Why not match the classic black bowler with jeans, slouchy t-shirt and blazer combo for the laid back look that Rachel Bilson so often rocks or alternatively pair the wide brimmed hat with a dress that will ooze femininity a la Sarah Jessica Parker.

Here's an option you might want to consider from TopShop for just $50.

Where to Buy:Oxblood Floppy Fedora, Top Shop, $50

By Katie Cornish, Contributing writer Viva Fashion


  1. I just picked up a hat yesterday from Marshall's. It was on clearance for $13. It's grey and I'm so looking forward to mixing it in with my wardrobe to add a touch of classic/refinement to my fall/winter looks!



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