Q&A: Puffer Jackets Under $200

Amanda asks: "I just moved to Washington and I'm looking for a puffer jacket under $200. Can you help?"
VF: Hi Amanda. Puffer jackets are a great way to stay warm and stylish at the same time. During my recent trip to New York I saw them everywhere. Here are a couple of options all under $200.

1. Quilted Jacket, Victoria's Secret, $158
2. Anorak Wraparound Collar, Zara, $129 (online shopping available)
3. Women's Long Frost Coat, Old Navy, 65
4. Quilted Puffer Jacket, Victoria's Secret, $148
5. Mid-Length Puffer Jacket, Mango, $99
6. Hooded Fur-Trim Jacket, Gap, $148

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