Kardashian Kollection at Sears Review: Accessories

Quilt Pocket Tote; $54.60

So a few weeks back I blogged about my review of the Kardashian Kollection at Sears (you can check out the post here + some comments from other readers) and many asked me if I had chance to check out the accessories portion of the line as well. I finally got around to checking it out last week while doing some Christmas shopping and I hate to say but my thoughts are pretty much the same as was for the rest of the collection.

The material for the handbags seemed to be of very poor quality for the price. Although, they are a little more inexpensive than the clothes (ranging from $25-$65).

In some cases for the shoes, you could even see the stitching starting to come a part. Have any of you had a chance to check out the accessories? What are some of your thoughts?

Seattle Boot: $79

Seattle Boot; $79

Animal Print Shoulder Bag: $58

Studded Flap Bag: $58.80

Sequined Clutch Purse; $42

Miami Peep-Toe; $59



  1. Nothing impressed me but the Jewelry with snakes on it- the necklace, earrings, and cuff bracelet all matched, and that's what I collect,so I bought it, but left the rest in the store. Wait for it to go on sale..

  2. It looks nice at first glance but your close-up shot of the Seattle Boot starts to show the cheap material.

  3. I've seen the jewelry and it's sadly as cheap or cheaper quality than F21 =/

  4. SO CHEAP!! That green bag is horrendous.Forever has way cuter srtuff...They would never wear this stuff.

    Jessica Simpson is way more involved in her line and it shows.

  5. I was not impressed with their collection at all. it seemed cheaply made and way over priced. I heard today that they might be sued b/c it's come to light that their products are made in sweat shops.

  6. I bought a KK bag from Strand Bags in Australia. The lady in the shop told me to keep my docket because there was a high return rate of KK bags. She was SOOOO right. The stitching was so bad it perforated the bag fabric and tore away from the bag like a postage stamp within a few days. All I had in the bag was my purse, glasses and car keys. I would definitely say buyer beware on KK products. Cheap and nasty disguised as high end. Shame really.


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