How-To Hair: Jessica Chastain's Oscar Hair

Actress Jessica Chastain looked stunning at the Oscar's, from her gorgeous gown, down to her romantic curls. We caught up with celebrity stylist Jenny Cho, who created Jessica's look for the evening. Her inspiration for Jessica was to give the whole look a romantic feel that was free and easy with a slight, sexy bump in the crown. Here's how to get her same look at home:

1. Spray Suave Professionals Volumizing Root Boost Spray at roots of tresses and layer a dollop of Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Leave-in Conditioner for heat protection and smooth, manageable hair. Blow dry with a round brush for volume. 

2. Starting from the nape, separate hair in sections. Spray each portion with a lightweight hold hairspray and curl with a large two-inch curling iron. When curling strands near the face, curl hair away from face.

3. Next, tease the crown of hair for height and spray with the lightweight hold hairspray to secure tresses. Smooth the very top layer of hair for a polished finish. Pull back the section of hair just below the crown and pin, bringing one side back at a time into a half way french twist.

4. Loosen up the curls with a drop of Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Smooth & Shine Serum for shine and smooth style. Complete the look by misting hairspray for hold.


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  1. Even if my hair went to plan, I don't think I'll ever be Chastain *le sigh* haha

    (I'd love if you checked out my fashion blog/shoe blog/etc!)


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