Vista Magazine: 5 Must-Have Pieces that Never Go Out of Style

Here's my latest monthly fashion column on Vista Magazine on 5 Must-Have pieces that never go out of style. It's in Spanish, but here's my translated version:

With the New Year in full swing, there's nothing better than to start with an organized closet and get rid of clothes we don't use anymore. But as much as trends come and go, there's always those key pieces that never go out style. Here are 5 key pieces that no girl should ever go without.

1. Leather Jacket: A leather jacket in a neutral color like black or brown never goes out of style. You can also combine it with almost any look, whether it be a cocktail dress
or jeans and a top for a casual look. Consider pairing it with feminine pieces to balance out the masculine look. 

2. Jeans: Since they first came around in 1873, jeans have become a favorite amongst women. And how many times has it saved us from those "I have nothing to wear" moments. 
Look for a cut that flatters your body. The boot-cut, for example, is a style that flatters most body figures. 

3. Cardigan: A cardigan is so versatile and definitely another must-have. You can pair with pants, skirts or a dress. The great thing about the cardigan is there is no color 
restrictions. Find a color that will make your skin pop. An animal print cardigan is a great option to give a modern twist to this classic piece. 

4. White Button-Down Shirt: Designer Carolina Herrera is the number one fan of the white-button down shirt. The great thing about a white-button down is that it doesn't matter
the age, it's always in style. 

5. Under the Knee Boots: Boots in either black or brown are another key piece that should always be in your wardrobe. As you'll see, the key to most of these pieces
is finding neutral colors like black, navy or brown. This way you can combine it so many ways and with various colors. 

ps. You can catch my monthly fashion column on Vista Magazine and in their digital edition by clicking here


  1. Great post! and my favorite piece is the leather jacket, we are never tire of it!
    Kisses, happy Friday and come to visit me!

  2. Love this post...I'm really all about polshed & versatile pieces. I get a weird high off of being able to wear a piece many different ways. Great post xo


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