Where'd She Get It: Olivia Palermo's Heels

Matt asks: "My girlfriend is driving me mad trying to find out where Olivia Palermo got her shoes in this picture and wondered if you could possibly help? Think I'll get boyfriend of the year award if I can buy her a pair. Thanks in advance if you can help!"

VF: Hey Matt. Well first off (and I'm sure our readers are thinking the same) what a great boyfriend! I'm sure you'd definitely get BF of the year..haha. Anywho, we did some digging and Olivia Palermo is seen here wearing a pair of Chrisitian Dior Spirale Shoes in Suede. They retail for $1,150. We couldn't find a store online that carried them, BUT you can order them by calling this number 800.929.3467.

Hope this helps and Good Luck! 

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  1. If Matt buys those....she better marry him...I would!!


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