Beauty Review: L'Oreal Sublime Sun Advanced Sunscreen Crystal Clear Mist

A few weeks ago I got this package from the nice folks over at L'Oreal with their NEW Sublime Sun Advanced Sunscreen. Living in Miami, I'm always out in the sun so I couldn't wait to try these out. My favorite is their Crystal Clear Mist SPF 30. I wore it to go kayaking and was in the sun for about 3 hours and didn't burn.  I love the ease of spray sunscreens because I can ensure that I don't miss a spot, even the hard to reach places like my back. It also made my skin look nice and silky (sometimes other sunscreens can leave a purple tint on my skin because I am darker toned).

I can't stress enough how important it is to wear sunscreen and not just when you're going to the beach or pool, but on a daily basis.  About two years ago, I got one of the scariest calls ever. I was at work and my mom called me to tell me she was at the dermatologist and they told her she had skin cancer. My heart nearly dropped, but luckily she detected it in time and they were able to remove it. My mom is the kind of person that loves sun bathing (WITHOUT any sunscreen). So as you can imagine, after that scare I never leave home without my sunscreen and neither does my mom. You can find it it at almost any drug store. Right now it's on sale at CVS for just $7.99.

Where to Buy:
L'Oreal Sublime Advanced Sunscreen Crystal Clear Mist, CVS, $7.99


  1. I love L'oreal products. They sublime self tanner line is amazing. The crystal clear mist sounds pretty cool. Sometimes I'm lazy to put on sunscreen so having it in a mist is nice.


  2. I had my sublime sunscreen leak in my bag onto my cell phone. It ate away all of the plastic on the back of my phone. I wonder what damage it did to my child's face, After it ate away the finish on my phone I noticed the package says flammable until dry. Isn't this product supposed to be used on your face in the sun? Stay away


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