Video: Clothes Haul

Hey guys, so here's another Clothes Haul video I hope you enjoy. It includes two of my new favorite items this week, including a pair of Warby Parker sunglasses. Not sure if you've heard of them before, but they've become my new favorite pair of sunnies. They retail for $95 (shipping in the US is free). Also, what I love the most is that for every pair of sunglasses you buy, they donate a pair of eyewear to someone in need. 

Where to Buy:
Warby Parker, Mabel, $95 (gifted from L'Oreal)

Also on my list (for all your baseball fans) is this Miami Marlins V-Neck Tee from Victoria's Secret. They also have a bunch of other baseball teams.  Here's where you can get it: 

Where to Buy: 
Victoria's Secret, Miami Marlins V-Neck Tee, $32

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