Weekend Review

Hope you had a great weekend. Here's a quick recap of my weekend as told through my Instagram..hehe. You can follow me @Viva_Fashion. 

1. On Wednesday, the hubby and I went to the opening day of the new Marlins Stadium. It reminds me of a space ship, but it's absolutely amazing inside. 

2. We bought a kayak a few weeks ago and finally got to take our dog Scrappy for a ride. He loves the water. That's him admiring the view...lol. 

3. Miami Juice in Sunny Isles has one of the best salads and juices (and it's organic). My fav. is this tuna fish and goat cheese salad. I also had a kiwi, strawberry and pineapple juice nom nom. 

4 & 5. My friend Karen had her bridal shower this Easter Sunday. The decor with the clocks and the cactus plant was super cute. 

6. Speaking of plants, my pineapple plant (or should I say, my husband's pineapple plant) has grown so much. I think a few more months and it will be ready to eat! 


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