Making Your Dreams Come True....

I’m so excited to share with you that Viva Fashion has partnered with Kmart’s Latina Smart Campaign. As part of the campaign, for the next several weeks I’ll be bringing you some fun and inspiring posts. This month’s theme is around dreams. Hope you like it…..

When I graduated college six years ago with a degree in Broadcast Journalism, I had many dreams. I dreamt of working as an entertainment reporter for a TV network like E! But after deciding that I wasn’t ready to relocate (I love Miami too much…plus my hubby lives here), I ended up working for a local TV station in Miami as a fashion reporter. But after the show I worked for got cancelled—sigh, I decided to take matters into my own hands. That’s when I launched Viva Fashion, it became my own space, one where I can do my own interviews, cover my own news. I was able to continue doing something I loved so much, which was journalism. I followed my dreams and most importantly my passion. Although it was hard at first (I worked a full-time job) following your dreams isn’t always easy and you’ll always have some bumps in the road. Four years later I feel so blessed to be doing what I love.  I would have never imagined how many doors would open from pursing my passion. From working with top brands to being invited to the White House (are you kidding me?) to most importantly being able to empower and inspire other girls like me.

After talking to another fellow blogger, one thing that always helped her was to have a vision board. Do you have one?  It’s basically a collage of your aspirations in life. It can have anything from magazine cut-outs, certain phrases, drawings, pictures, you name it. There’s no right or wrong and don’t worry if it changes over time---that’s ok. Keep it somewhere where you can see it every day.  You can have it on a poster board or a cork board. How do you keep your dreams alive? Leave us a comment below and you’ll also get a chance to win a $25 Kmart gift card.


  1. Great post! I keep my dreams alive by staying focused. I try and surround myself with positive people who are on the same level as myself. Planning, reading and praying is the key to success :) I hope I win the giveaway!


  2. Congratulations on all your success Carmen! I remember meeting you while you were still at your full-time job and you were already doing fabulous things then. Keep at it! You are an inspiration to us all :)

    xoxo, Karla

  3. Your blog has become my daily read. I have become a fan and have been reminded of the importance of doing what I love in order to be maintain my sanity and happiness. Thank you Carmen and may you continue to be successful and inspirational to all Latinas!

  4. I keep my dreams alive by feeding my creativity and my curiosities.

    When I stay inspired, my thoughts are rich and positive. When my thoughts are rich and positive the options are endless!!!

    "With my thoughts, I design my world." -R. Gitana


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