What to Wear to a Theme Park....

So the hubby and I are going to Disney and Sea World this weekend (I feel like a giddy little girl lol).  Can you believe we live 3 hours away and we've never gone together. Anywho, if you have plans to go to any theme parks this summer, here's an easy and budget friendly outfit. I typically like to wear hats to keep the sun away, but if you're planning on riding any roller coasters you might want to do without the hat. One must for any theme park however is comfortable shoes.

I recently bought my first pair of TOMS this past weekend and they are the first thing I packed. They are super comfortable (you don't need to break them in) and it feels like you are walking on pillows.  If you're going to theme parks in the summer another tip is to wear light colored clothing so it helps deflect the heat. Have you gone to any theme parks this summer? What's your go-to outfit?

Hope you have a great weekend!!

Where to Buy:
Print Shorts, Old Navy, $20
V-Neck Shirt, Forever 21, $4. 50
Fedora, Charlotte Russe, $10
Navy Canvas Shoes, TOMS, $44



  1. I had this same dilemma last week- going to Alton Towers, so glad I opted for flats!

  2. So effortlessly cute! Not to mention this will keep you cool and comfortable for a fun day at Disney! :)

  3. This is the perfect vacation outfit. Have a great time with the hubby.


  4. Nice and cute outfit!




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