Ask VF: What to Wear to a Rehearsal Dinner?

Natalie asks: "I'm going to a rehearsal dinner for a labor day weekend and I desperately want to find a dress that will work withe these shoes. Can you help!?

VF: Hi Natalie, first of all I want to say I love those shoes, especially the fun pattern. For this type of shoe, since it already has a lot of pattern to begin with, I'd stick with a solid (monochromatic) toned dress. Although if you're feeling a bit daring you can always go for mix and matching prints. An easy way to find a color that would go great, is picking one of the tones already found in the shoe. For example in this shoe we have tons to work with from blue, red, mustard yellow and green. Since it is a rehearsal dinner you might want to go for something a bit conservative, but yet not to dressy since the shoe is pretty casual.

Here are two of my picks all under $100. Hope you have a great time at the rehearsal.

Where to Buy:
1. Dress with Zip Neckline, Zara, $59
2. Belted Shirt Dress, Forever 21, $29

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