Target + Neiman Marcus Collection Review

Thom Browne Women's Blazer; $129.99

This past weekend I stopped by Target to check out their new Target + Neiman Marcus collection. As most of you know, the holiday collection featured 50 items including clothing, accessories and home goods by a collaboration of high-end designers including Jason Wu, Marchesa, Marc Jacobs, Thom Browne, Oscar de la Renta, and Derek Lam to name a few. I went late in the afternoon (around 6pm) and was really surprised to see all of the items still there. Typically in my past experience with Target collaborations such as Missoni and Jason Wu things have flown off the shelves by midday.

Overall I thought the quality of the items were there including this Marchesa girls' dress ($99.99) which had an intricate hand-beaded neckline and a Tracy Reese top for women ($79.99) but I thought many of the items might have been a bit overpriced. I ended up walking out empty handed (perhaps things will go on clearance--wishful thinking).

Here are some pics. of the items. What were your thoughts on the collection? Did you buy anything?

Marchesa Girl's Dress: $99.99

I really liked this Marc Jacobs pouch, but wasn't sure I was ready to spend $70 on it.

Brian Atwood Leather Gloves; $49.99. ; not a bad price for the quality of these gloves.

Proenza Schouler Laptop case; $39.99 

DVF Jewelry Box; $49.99

Robert Rodriguez Party Dress: $99.99

Altuzarra Tray; $79.99

Tracy Reese Top; $79.99

Oscar de la Renta Pet Bowl; $29.99


  1. I bought the Altuzarra tray for my new bar nook and a few of the smaller items as gifts. I did find the dresses for my daughter a bit pricey but wished my Target had those gloves. I really wanted the gloves.

  2. Thank you for posting this today. I was wondering what the masses would think of the high end collabos. In my opinion I think alot of the items were too highly marked up for the quality. The consumers that buy the original designers are paying for quality and the name. I really don't see Target as a boutique type store(believe me I am not a no name snob). Maybe they should do something similar to what JC Penny did (see JC Penny) if they want to attract more customers. I agree with you I liked the MJ clutch but I would not pay $70 for it. The verdict is still out on this as I am just a fashion lover name brands are awesome but I am not stuck on them. So far I am not feeling like I gotta have that (blank) from Neimans for Target but maybe it will get better because we know it won't get cheaper.

  3. I thought some of the items were rather low quality for the price - for instance the tray and the jewelry boxes were already scratched up. The MJ clutch looks like a free with purchase type bag to me.
    Also, many of the things were too expensive for the Target audience.

    I did buy the Joseph Altuzarra glasses and shaker as a gift for my boyfriend. And I bought the Lela Rose lace top - its ugly on the hanger but cute on person. Though after wearing it for only an hour the button on the back had already fallen off. Thankfully it came with an extra that I could sew replace it with.

  4. I've been to two Targets to check out this collection, over the last week. Both displays were untouched. I love high fashion. But some designers' name printed on a mass market quality items isn't enough to make me want to buy. After Christmas clearance, maybe...

  5. Only bought the Judith Leiber compacts. Got all 3 solid colors- pink, blue, and purple. Those were hard to find. The price points should be 1/2 of what they're currently charging. Then everything will sell out.


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