Tips for Staying Safe While Holiday Shopping

So we typically feature tips on scoring the best deals, tips for dressing for your body type, but I thought a post on how to stay safe while shopping (especially during the holidays) is probably one of the most important tips I can share with you, my lovely readers.  A few months back I attended a class in my neighborhood that was hosted by an FBI agent and wanted to share those tips with you. So next time you're out shopping I hope you'll take into account these simple tips:

  • Be aware of your surroundings. This tip might seem simple enough, but many times we can get so distracted that we are not aware of our surroundings. While you're shopping, in the subway or in the parking lots know what's going on around you and who's around you (especially when you are walking back to your car after hitting the mall).  
  • Keep your car keys out and ready.  I was completely guilty of spending minutes just scavenging my purse trying to find my keys, now I try to get them ready before I even walk out of the mall or store. Also make sure you lock your car as soon as you get inside. I saw a very chilling surveillance video of a man getting inside a woman's unlocked passenger door while she was getting inside at a Target parking lot---and it was plain daylight!
  • Stay OFF your cellphone while walking to your car. You easily become a target to bad guys when you appear to be distracted. 
  • Use a crossbody bag. When I go shopping I typically like to carry a crossbody bag instead of a hand purse. This way it's close to your body and you have your hands free. 
  • Park your car tail-first instead of head first. I would have never thought about this, but the FBI agent mentioned most people park their cars head-first, so by parking tail first you can find your car a lot easier. 
  • Don't leave things visible in your car. Breakins are so much higher during the holidays, so make sure you don't leave anything at plain sight in your car like your sunglasses, loose change, shopping bags, GPS (or even your GPS holder). Put things in the truck of your car and make sure you do it before you get to your final destination. 
  • Shop with a friend. Whenever possible take a friend shopping with you instead of going alone. Also be sure to park in a well-lit area. 
I hope you have a very safe and happy holidays! 


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