Transforming your Bridesmaid Dresses

Have you ever spent money on a bridesmaid dress you knew you were only going to wear once! Well earlier this month I did a segment on Telemundo with David's Bridal sharing tips for recycling those bridesmaid dresses and thought I'd share with you. With just some few accessories it can easily be done.

Tip: By adding a simple sweater you can easily transform a dress into a skirt. To keep the look casual, I added a pair of neutral ballet flats and a beige handbag. This look would be perfect for a day out with friends or even work.

Tip: Look for fabrics such as denim to help dress down a look. For this look, I added a jean jacket and leopard wedges, which help give the dress a casual look. This outfit would be perfect for a brunch.

Tip: For a date night, a simple white top (which most of us already probably have in our closet) and belt can help transform a look. I also added some black booties for a rocker chic look.


  1. These ideas and tips for the transformation of Bridesmaid dresses are excellent. Adding a top or blazer with a belt is a fab idea as is the idea of simply wearing a jumper (sweater) with it. I wonder whether some Bridesmaids dresses could be altered to have the lower portion detachable like the wedding dress worn by Beyoncé in the music video "Beyoncé - Best Thing I Never Had -YouTube" (I love that wedding dress and music video).

  2. what a great idea! I've only transformed one bridesmaid dress. I made it into a short fun frock but I won't wear it again.


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