6 Pregnancy Staples for the Stylish Mom-to-Be

Today's guest blog post comes from a dear friend of mine, Carolina Buia. She's one of the sisters behind Chicksinaprons.com. It's a newly hatched blog offering free-range thinking on family living, eating and dwelling. All the while keeping life stylish, simple and sane.

by Carolina Buia

You’re suddenly pregnant with your first. And your beloved rack of Seven and True Religion jeans that probably sums up to half a week's paycheck still fit through the first trimester. But alas, as the weeks wear on, they get to feeling a bit too snug.

There's is no need to spend a fortune on maternity wear, but there's definitely a need to look stylish. After all, you’re eating for two—why not look twice as fabulous? We’re the Buia Chicks, bloggers at chicksinaprons.com, and between us we have six young kids. We've gone through many elasticized indigo in our day. And we've learned that you don’t need a whole new wardrobe to show off (or at times hide) your fabulous bump. So together we’ve compiled a half a dozen of our favorite pregnancy staples.

Fold-Over Yoga Pants at Anthropologie 

1. The fold-over yoga pant from Anthropologie, $78--but on sale for $39. Six kids later and this one still hangs in our closet. You can pair it with flip flops, sneakers or wedges. It flatters pregnant and non-pregnant women alike and will take most women into their third trimester. The best part is, you’ll keep it in your closet long after your baby gives up the binkie.

Floral Printed Shirt, $59 at ZARA
2. Empire waisted or tunic tops and dresses from Zara and Forever 21. No need to spend a lot of cash for some on-trend staples that can take you from work to a Shirley Temple happy hour. They're so cute, you'll want to keep them around. And this spring, flowers are definitely in bloom. 
Depending on your bump, consider buying one size up. 

Maxi Dress, $39 at Macy's

3. The maxi dress. There are so many styles and fabrics to choose from. They can be paired with a cute leather jacket for a romantic night with hubby or a jean jacket for a casual girls’ brunch. It’s a glam go-to dress for when the water breaks and you’re rushing to the hospital. Our current favorite maxi is actually from the junior's department. It's price and color flatters all wallets and skin types.

Maternity Pants, $38 at Old Navy

4. Gap and Old Navy maternity jeans/ pants. These are a must. The Sevens will be there when you return to your fighting weight. Don't stretch your budget on these stretchy necessities. 

Earth Mama Body Butter, $13 at Amazon

5. A totally vegan, natural body butter. You may want to get two bottles of this stuff! It's that good.

striped Flip Flops, $50 at Tory Burch

6. Because you will be living in flip flops this spring/summer, you may have to splurge a little. Your feet are carrying an extra wide load these days, so this is one place where we say 'splurge a little.' We're big fans of Tory's flops.

Thanks for reading and check us out at chicksinaprons.com, for more tips, interviews and recipes on keeping  life simple, stylish and sane.


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