Where's She Get It: Julianne Hough's Floral Pants

Jessie asks: "I've been looking for these pants worn by Julianne Hough in this picture, but can't find them anywhere. Can you help?"

VF: Hi Jessie, Julianne Hough is seen here wearing a pair of skinny skinny jeans in sungarden from Madewell. And it's currently on sale for just $74.99. Here's where to get it: 

Where to Buy:
skinny skinny ankle jeans, Madewell, $74 (on sale)

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  1. The pants are amazing I love them x

    Please subscribe like and just view my blog if it isn't too much trouble as I'm new to the fashion blogging world and would love to get as much help as possible!x

    Xoxo fashionsbowtie.blogspot.com


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