Interview: Tia and Tamera Talk Style and Fashion Must-Haves

Tia and Tamera first hit the TV scene in the early 90s with their hit show, Sister, Sister. Today, they are all grown-up and you can catch them on their reality show Tia and Tamera, which airs on The Style Network on Sundays at 8pm/pt. I recently had a chance to chat with them on everything from fashion must-haves, motherhood and becoming entrepreneurs. Here's what they had to say.....

Q: What are your 5 Fashion Must-Haves? 

Tia:  For me the number one is a great pair of heels, a really nice pair of sexy heels that can go with everything and anything.  You can wear heels with jeans, skirts, dresses…the options are endless. Second I would say a blazer. They’re great and practical with moms. You can wear it for work and also for dinner under a sexy dress.

Third would be jeans, if you have to spend the money on a pair of jeans that fit you like a glove, that’s extremely beneficial for any woman to have in their closet. I’ve also become a huge fan, and I owe it to Jessica Alba, to a jean jacket. This woman really knows how to rock a jean jacket.  The last thing would be a scarf, it’s a great accessory to have and it’s easy, you can find some non-expensive great scarfs. 

Tamera: For me, and we kind of overlap, would be a pair of stilettos—any kind, nude, black….you’ve got to have a pair of stilettos. The other would be a bold lip, us moms we don’t have a lot of time to do a lot, especially when you’re getting ready. But when you add a bold lip, it ties your entire outfit and pulls everything together. You got to have a hot purse, with every outfit you have to have that one signature purse that says everything. The other thing would be a pair of jeans that fit you like a glove, and Tia said it perfectly, 1) you feel sexy and it highlights all your great areas, for me I have a butt and I have long legs, so my favorite is Paige Joe’s jeans, because they accentuate those areas. The last thing I would have to say is a hot edgy blazer.

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