Happy Friday + Link Round-Up

Wearing Tahari Dress via Marshalls; Necklace: Rock Kandy

Happy Friday guys. This has been a whirlwind of week, I feel like I barely had time to get to the surface for air. Do you ever have one of those weeks? I'm still learning to prioritize and try to juggle it all (especially as a new mom). I am very grateful though that I get to do what I love so much each and every day. Here's a picture of me yesterday while I was on set on CNN en Espanol. I was on the show talking about natural at-home beauty remedies.

On another note, today is the hubby's birthday and I'm so excited to take him out to dinner. It's going to be the first time in a while that we finally have a date night--just the two of us. So I'm having my mom sleep over and take care of the baby for us.

Do you have any special plans this weekend? Any tips for trying to juggle work/life/motherhood?

Link Round-Up

Getting Symmetric Curls {The Beauty Department}

5 Fashion Trends to try this Fall {Babble.com} written by moi

Some cute and free desktop wallpapers from Design Love Fest

Totally random, but my friend sent me this video that made me LOL (Teach me how to breastfeed)

10 Hair Products you Can't Leave the Drugstore without {People Stylewatch}


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