Eva Mendes Clothing Line for New York & Company Review

By Contributor: Liz de la Nuez

I have two words for you. Eva Mendes. Now besides being a respected actor, Eva is a sexy and beautiful Latina. It sounds lame, but girls want to be like her and men want to date her. So when I heard that she had launched a new collection for NY & Co. I was beyond excited. Let me just say that I forgot to breathe for a second when I approached the racks with her beautifully constructed clothes hanging. For starters the line looked very well thought out to me. The fabrics all felt so soft and luxurious and the pieces had certain sophistication to them. I have read that Eva is a big fan of vintage (as I am) and I can see that inspiration in these pieces. This is not a collection with a girl in mind, but rather a successful sexy woman who does it all and has it all. I did get a sense that Eva is actually behind these looks. I actually thought to myself when I saw them, “I can see Eva Mendes wearing any of these pieces” and lo and behold I find pictures of her wearing her designs.

I shared some of my favorites from her collection above, but I must warn you Ms. Mendez ain’t cheap, although still affordable. I did not grab anything that was under fifty bucks, but I do believe that the pieces are worth the splurge simply because they have classic silhouettes and shades. She isn’t trying to be a trend setter or follow the trends, she simply created a line modeled after her actual aesthetic and it works. There were a lot of pieces that I absolutely adored and coincidentally I found pictures of her wearing those exact pieces which I thought was so rad. People still use “rad” right? Anyway we have so much in common don’t we? Besties. To top it off the girl has even added accessories to include belts, scarves and jewelry. This collection has it all!  The accessories are built around the items to compliment and mix. Ryan Gosling if you are reading this…she’s a keeper.

You can check out the rest of her collection here. 


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