What to Wear When Meeting Your In-Laws

Meeting your in-laws for the first time can be pretty intimidating to say the least. And on top that you  have to think about what you're going to WEAR! Last week, I was back on Univision's national morning show Despierta America sharing some of my tips for what to wear when meeting your in-laws for the first time. From a casual gathering at the house to a formal dinner, here are a few looks I put together for the segment, plus some tips on what you can wear. The girl models are dressed head-to-toe in LOFT. They have tons of feminine and versatile pieces, perfect for meeting your in-laws. 

ps. You can click on the picture above to view the video. 

For the first look, I created a look perfect for a birthday gathering. The key is to look for pieces that are not too trendy. You want your future parents-in-law to focus on your personality---not your outfit. We paired this red blouse with denim jeans and kept the accessories to a minimum. Make sure to look for a pair of jeans in a dark wash, which looks dressier while still being comfortable (and skip anything with holes or jeans that are too tight). This is also not the time to show off your cleavage ladies, so a scoop neck blouse will do the trick just fine. 

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Ruffle Neck Pleat Top, LOFT, $49
Modern Flare Jeans, LOFT, $79

For a casual dinner at the house, you want to look for something that looks dressy (without seeming that you tried too hard). We paired this A-line burgundy skirt with a sleeveless pink blouse along with a cardigan for a casual chic look. A-line skirts are very figure flattering and look great on almost all body types. As a rule of thumb, if you're showing legs, make sure you cover your arms (and vice versa).  Mini-skirts or skin tight skirts are a big don't. The length of this skirt also works since we paired it with ballet flats. 

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Circle Skirt, LOFT, $69
Tipped Four Pocket Cardigan, LOFT, $69
Cap-Toe Flats, LOFT, $49
Ruffle Shell Blouse, LOFT, $39

Let's say you get invited to a sporting event with your girlfriend's dad. Although it's a relaxed setting, this isn't the time to break out your sweat pants guys. You still want to look put together. Instead look for a pair of jeans (nothing baggy) and pair it with your favorite sweater and hat. Shoes are also very important and in my opinion says a lot about a guy, so make sure they are really clean. The same rule applies as the girls in regards to jeans (no rips, holes or the dirty jeans look).

Just because you are going to a formal dinner doesn't mean you need to break out your suit and tie. You can still let your personality shine. Here we paired a pair of fitted pants with a modern utilitarian style shirt. We also gave him a slim tie, which is right on trend.

Most importantly don't forget to be yourself. And if all else fails, a smile goes a long way. Good luck!


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