DIY Holiday Decorations on a Budget: Minnie Mouse Ornament

Attention Disney lovers! It's that time of year again and we can finally come out of hiding! Ah the holidays, when our strange predilection for all things Disney carried over from our younger years begins to become somewhat less socially awkward. Think of this ornament project as a seemingly normal way for you to come out of the Disney closet if you will. As I'm sure you know, Disney ornaments can be pricey. You shouldn't have to decide between buying one or an actual entrance ticket to one of the theme parks. So, I want to show you how to get the same classy expensive Disney ornament look for less.

The great thing about this project is that it's simple and your family can even join in on the fun. You can always tell your friends that you decided to make this 'for the kids'. . . It'll be our little secret. The simple steps below will help you make these Mickey & Minnie ornaments for yourself . . . I mean, your little ones.

Silver Ornament Balls (Regular Sized and Mini), Hot Glue Gun and Sticks, Silver Glitter Spray Paint, 3” Red Bow

Place regular sized silver ornament balls on newspaper and spray with silver glitter paint.
Glue mini ornament balls onto regular sized ornament balls to make the “ears”.
Glue red bow onto ornament ball between two “ears” for Minnie.
Hang from tree and secretly enjoy the outcome more than regular people.

What other Disney characters do you think you can make using holiday decorations?

ps. I'm also doing more fun holiday DIY's over at You can check them all out here! 


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