The Best Hats for Your Face Shape

One of my favorite accessories during this time of year is hats– I probably own a dozen of them. They’re stylish, versatile and not to mention can easily cover up a bad hair day. But not all hats are created equal, they’re some that can actually be more flattering than others.

Here are some of my favorites for different face shapes:

Round Face
Fedoras look great on almost all face shapes, but they particularly flatter round faces. The high crown helps thin the face and instantly adds a cool, hipster look. Be sure to avoid summery materials (such as straw hats) and instead look for fabrics that are more season appropriate such as wool.

Heart Shaped Face
Heart-shaped faces typically have a wide forehead and narrow chin. You would look great in a cloche hat like this one, which helps balance your face shape. Avoid wide brimmed hats, which can actually make your chin look narrower. Otherwise, you look great in almost any hat.

Long Face
To help offset a long face, you would look great in a wide brimmed hat. A hat like this one, actually makes your face appear shorter. Just make sure it doesn't sit too high up on the crown of your head. 

Oval Shaped Face
The narrowness of a newsboy cap is perfect for offsetting an oval face and creating contrast. You can wear it with jeans and a sweater for a cool and relaxed look. The flower on this hat also adds a fun feminine touch.



  1. These tips are great! I always struggle with hats and never occurred to me to try the face-shape approach. I will now!

  2. any idea where can I buy these hats?


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