Why You Should Dress in Costume Every Day

I'm so excited to introduce and welcome our friend Nikki Novo of nikkinovo.com as one of our newest contributors. Nikki is a Cuban-American whose obsession for vintage flair began way before it was considered eco-friendly. She's also a self-development writer, teacher, speaker and self-love preacher based out of Miami, Florida. She'll be popping in now and then to share with us her inspirational fashion advice, because after all, when you look good you feel good right?  Let's welcome Nikki with her first post on Viva Fashion.

When I first decided I wanted to be a journalist, I was certain I would be some sort of boho chic travel writer. You know, the kind who wears flowy dresses, Teva sandals, a Panama hat, and some fancy camera around their neck. I was sure I would be that person — but probably minus the Teva sandals.

Many might have assumed that I would be drawn to fashion or beauty writing just because of the way I dressed and the things I was attracted to. But, nope, not me I was in search of adventure.

A few months into my life as professional writer — while I was accepting any job that came my way — I began to notice a pattern: the gigs that kept coming my way all had something do with shoes, bags, dresses, haircuts, and braids. (Yes, braid stories do really well online!) Before I knew it, my resume was filled with everything but travel writing. From an editor at DailyCandy (R.I.P. DC) and Refinery29 to a contributor for Allure magazine, I had landed so many dream jobs.

And don’t get me wrong, while I was working for these amazing companies I absolutely loved it! My closet was looking healthy, my hair color was top-notch, and I knew exactly where to get the best manicure in town. It was official, I was a fashion and beauty writer.

Somewhere down the road, I decided I no longer wanted to push the $2,000 handbag to these bright, young ladies who were reading my articles. Instead, I wanted to inspire them to create their own bright, shiny lives. So I made a leap of faith from this on-trend writer to, perhaps, a “less glamorous”career where I help ladies find their purpose in life.

As I began to make this change and started teaching workshops, writing compassionate blog content, and giving motivational talks, something else changed: the way I dressed.

I desperately wanted people to take my message and me seriously, so I toned down the funky shoes, fun bracelets, and maxi dresses. Instead, I started to throw on tailored suits so and all sorts of “mature” pants. I went on like this for a long time. Even in the classes I taught, I wouldn’t dress completely like “me.”

One day, I took a good look at my website and my social media platforms and thought to myself, “Who is this girl? And why is she trying so hard to fit into a category?” From that day forward, I decided I would toss the self-imposed uniforms and start dressing in costume — the costumes I wanted to wear during the movie of my life.

I teach a lot of spiritual concepts, and for a while I thought liking fashion and beautiful things was considered very anti-spiritual. But as I get closer to understanding who I really am and who is the light that shines inside of me and all of us, I’m realizing that God (the light, the source, the Universe) is in all beautiful things, including beautiful clothes.

When people care deeply enough to create something original and beautiful — whether it be a handbag, a poem, or shoes — they are doing so from a space of God. It’s that space inside of us that feels inspired.

You and me both are attracted to beautiful things. Some might find our love superficial, and that’s okay. But we know the truth. The truth is that beauty is where inspiration lives. So no wonder we want to be around it! Expressing yourself through what you where is a form of self-love. It’s a form of respect for the person you truly are. Love yourself enough to wear what makes you feel inspired. 

Besides, we both know what it feels like to be surrounded by beauty — and that feeling is enough of a reason to have the desire to dress in costume every day.


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