Happy Friday + 4 Things I Said I'd Never Do As A New Mom

Happy Friday guys. Today I'm heading to Marco Island with the fam (it's about a 2 hour drive from Miami). I can't wait to share pictures with you. In the meantime, wanted to share a fun post I did over at DisneyBaby.com (where I'm a guest writer) on "5 Things I Said I'd Never Do as A New Mom." So here they are.....

Let the dishes pile up in the sink, leave the house without makeup… are you kidding me? Let’s just say there were many things I said I would never do as a new mom. After having my baby, those things quickly went down the drain. Here are five things I said I would never do as a new mom, but totally do now.

#1 Be a Morning Person - I love sleeping in and thought I would never become a morning person. But it’s so weird/amazing how your body works and just gets used to waking up early. It’s like it knows that you have to get a job done. Nowadays I love waking up early. I’m also able to get so much more done in the day!

#2 I Would Never Leave the House Without Makeup - At a young age, my Colombian mom always stressed how important it is to leave the house dressing and looking sharp. You never know who you might run into, she would say. I told myself that when I had a baby, I would never leave the house without makeup. Seriously, who was I kidding!? I’ve left my house many times looking like one hot mess.

#3  I Wouldn’t Let the Dishes Pile Up in the Sink - I used to say I would never do this, but after having a baby, sometimes there’s just not enough hours in the day. Sometimes I don’t get to the dishes until the evening, and I try not to beat myself up for it.

#4 I Wouldn’t Get Upset if My Dogs Wake Up the Baby - I remember specifically watching the movie Marley & Me, and there’s a scene where Jennifer Aniston gets upset when Marley wakes up the baby. I remember thinking to myself, I would NEVER get like that. Dogs are dogs, that’s what they do—they bark. Fast forward to when my baby was just 2 months old. I was sleep deprived and had finally laid on the couch to get some shut eye while the baby napped. The Fedex guy came knocking on my door and my dogs went crazy barking and woke up the baby! I was soooo annoyed! Seriously Bear, did you really have to do that? Ugh!

 Are there things you said you would never do, but totally do now?


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