Entertaining: Little Mermaid Inspired Party

This past weekend, we celebrated my little niece's 4th birthday. It was the most adorable Little Mermaid themed party. In case you're planning your own Little Mermaid party, here are a few ideas on party favors and what to serve to make it extra special.

For the decor she found everything at Party City, they have a great selection of Little Mermaid Party Supplies, like these Little Mermaid Favor Containers for just under $2 bucks. She filled it with fun little goodies like goldfish and a fork (Ariel's Dinglehopper).

She filled a glass jar with sand and added some crystal rock candy sticks (also from Party City) and named it Coral Rock to go with the 'Under the Sea' theme.

How clever are these "Oysters and Pearls" made with Oreo cooked and chocolates. 

Pull String Little Mermaid Ariel Piñata, Party City

It wouldn't be a party without a Piñata, of course. 

With some gummies, toothpicks and breadcrumbs as sand, she created these 'Sebastian Slices' candy. 

So what do you think? Leave me a comment if you have any questions. 


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