Mommy Mondays: 3 Things Parenting Books Didn't Tell Me

Andres Sebastian at 6 months in this picture! 

As new parents, my husband and I probably read about every baby book on the shelf. “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” -- check. ”Happiest Baby on the Block” — check. But I guess nothing really prepares you for parenthood. Those first few months, we made so many silly mistakes that I wish the parenting books would have mentioned!

Here are 3 obvious things I wish I would have known sooner:

 #1 I couldn’t figure out why every time I changed my son’s diaper he would always end up wet. I constantly had to change his clothes. It wasn’t until my husband told me that little boy’s “wee wee” should be pointing down. Oops.

 #2 This one probably seems like the most no-brainer–NOW. But the first time I went to do grocery alone with my son, I remember going into the store with his stroller and then thinking how am I going to push the stroller and grocery cart too? I didn’t realize you’re suppose to take the car seat instead and put it INSIDE the grocery cart—duh!

 #3 One time when I was out and about with my son he decided to have a little “explosion” on my blouse. All the books I read told me how to pack a diaper bag perfectly, but none mentioned about bringing back-up clothes for mama! Lesson learned.

For my mommy readers...what are some obvious things you wish the parenting books told you?

Ps. Every Monday I'll be posting mommy related posts in a series called "Mommy Mondays." Hope you like them :) 

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