Going Light: Best Hair Colorist Johnny Ramirez

I'm so excited to share with you my new hair color and cut. I've been wanting to change it up and go light for a while, but was never able to find a hair colorist that could achieve the look I was going for (since my hair is so dark). That is until yesterday! I made an appointment with celeb hair colorist Johnny Ramirez of Ramirez|Tran Salon. His trademark highlights have been seen on the likes of Miranda Kerr, Victoria Beckham and Jessica Alba and he specializes in the perfect sun-kissed style. 

The salon is based in Beverly Hills, but he also travels to New York, Miami and recently added San Francisco to the list. It began with a hair consultation and I showed him some pictures of what I was going for. Seeing him in action was pretty amazing to say the least,  his technique is like nothing I've seen before. He is so meticulous and his entire team is so talented. Ahn Co Tran is also a guru when it comes to haircuts. 

The coloring process itself can be pretty time consuming, but it's worth every minute (or should I say hours). Rates for New York, Miami and San Francisco start at $200 (for a base color) and highlights starts at $500 (if you're in LA it starts at $350).  Let me just say it's worth every penny. 

I'm so happy with my hair color and the hubby is very happy too (he's always wanted to me go light). If you're in LA, New York, Miami or San Francisco I strongly suggest you check them out. You can follow him on Instagram @JohnnyRamirez1 and at @RamirezTranSalon to check out some of the amazing makeovers yourself or check out his blog here. In one day he can basically take you from dark to light hair! 

Book an appointment by calling 310-724-8167 or email info@ramireztran.com

Here's another picture outside so you can see the hair color in daylight :)



  1. Absolutely love it!!!
    I'm dying to do the same but have had the mismo issue...finding a good colorist.
    But honestly, your color looks fab so I think I'm going to have to give him a try.


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