5 Tips for Dressing Your Post-Pregnancy Body

One of the biggest style challenges I had was not so much dressing my baby bump, but rather dressing my post-pregnancy body. I remember looking in the mirror and thinking—who is that person looking back at me? Getting dressed is a different story. But not to worry… here a few simple tips I picked up along the way to help make dressing your post-pregnancy body a cinch.

1. It’s ok to still wear pregnancy jeans. It’s easy to want to jump right back to your regular jeans, but it’s OK to still wear your pregnancy jeans those first couple of months. I practically lived in mine. Not only are they comfortable, but they are also flattering.

2. Invest in shapewear. Shapewear is your best postpartum friend. Consider investing in a good pair of shapewear post pregnancy. It will make all your clothes fit great and smooth out any bulges.

3. Look for flowy tops. Flowy tops and blouses are great for hiding any post-pregnancy belly, instead of those that cling to your body. I dreaded the thought of being asked, “When are you due?” Pair them with printed loose fitted shorts (like those in the picture) or jeans that are tailored at the ankle to balance out your frame.

4. Wear monochromatic colors. Wearing monochromatic colors can instantly make you look slimmer. Consider for example wearing a pair of black pants and pairing them with black shoes. This will give the illusion of leaner, longer legs.

5. Wear blazers. A blazer is great for framing your shape and adding structure–just make sure it falls below the hips so it doesn’t look boxy.

Ps. I'm about 3 months post-pregancy in this picture and that loose fitted top was a lifesaver haha. 


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