A Look Back at My Hair Throughout the Years

I believe the first time I dyed my hair I was probably in high school. I ended up going to one of those beauty schools where the students cut and dye your hair for really cheap. I remember walking out crying with nearly orange hair!! Needless to say, I ended up going to my nearest drug store and dyed it back myself.

That didn't stop me from trying out new hairstyles throughout the years. I've always had fun experimenting. Here's a look back at some of my favorites (and mistakes) I've made along the way.

OMBRE: Right before I started trying to get pregnant in 2012, I decided I wanted a color that didn't require much upkeep (since I didn't want to dye my hair during pregnancy).  I decided to go with this ombre color. It was fun while it lasted, but again, it ended up looking more orangey than what I was going for.

BANGS: One day while I was filming a TV segment one of my models had the most amazing bangs. The very next day I went to my hair salon and got bangs myself. I quickly learned that bangs and hot, humid weather don't mix. I spent so much time styling my hair in the mornings only to have them frizz up as soon as I went outside. Having them grow out seemed like eternity. Next time, I'll just do clip-ons haha.

BACK TO BLACK: Here I am trying to get back to my roots (literally). I was tired of dying my hair, so I decided to go back to my natural color--black. I feel it really brings out my features.

GOING LIGHT: My husband had always wanted me to go light, but I was afraid it wouldn't look good on me. Besides, all the hairstylists I had gone to said my hair was too dark to go light (and it would have red undertones). I finally found the most amazing hair stylist (I blogged about him a few months back). I'm really enjoying my new light hair. Let's see how long it lasts before I decide to change it up again.



  1. Always beautiful but my favorite is definitely the "going light". Looks great with your complexion.


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