Detox Massage

Between work, kids and other daily activities, many times we forget to take care of one of the most important persons—-YOURSELF! I use to think that getting a massage was a luxury, but I’ve realized it’s so much more important than that. There’s been so many studies that show that getting a massage has tons of health benefits such as relieving stress, and even boosting your immune system (which plays a large role in defending your body from disease).

 I recently had the opportunity to visit the ESPA at Acqualina Resort & Spa in Sunny Isles (just a few minutes from where I live). This is by far one of my favorite spas! I checked out their “Renew” massage, which helps smooth your skin just in time for the summer (and boy did I need it). The treatment began with a Detoxifying Body Exfoliation using natural ingredients including grapefruit, sea salt and seaweed extracts. Many times we all talk about detoxing, but we forget about detoxing our skin. The great thing about this massage is that the exfoliation helps eliminate toxins from the body.

After the body exfoliation, came my favorite part, the massage. They used their detoxifying body oil, which included Juniper Berry and Cypress. It’s suppose to help smooth the skin and reduce fluid retention. I felt like I was in heaven and not to mention my skin felt so soft. After the massage, I relaxed by pool and enjoyed the rest of the spa amenities.

If you’re local to South Florida or perhaps have a trip coming up, you should definitely check it out. 

Have you ever tried a Detox Massage Before?


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