Tips for Finding the Perfect Bathing Suit for Your Body Type

By Contributor: Liz de la Nuez

As I have matured I have become less a fan of swimsuit shopping. Every summer I go out looking for the perfect swimsuit that will give me the confidence to strut the beaches, however every year I come up short. It just becomes a daunting and usually disappointing trip to the store with me picking out something that I am never truly satisfied wearing. I have been repeating this summer routine for years. Then there are the body shape categories to decipher. Am I pear shaped, curvy, short torso or long torso? Geesh! Who can keep up? I realize that I am not alone in this nightmare. I know that most women do not enjoy bathing suit shopping. What I have come to terms with is that I need to embrace my assets and try to disguise the features that I am uncomfortable showing off. So here is a simple to the point guide to hopefully ease this year’s summer bathing suit shopping.

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Small Chest: 

If you have a small chest your best bet is to find a suit with ruffles or embellishments that can help create the illusion of a larger chest. Also, a top with a little padding may give you big confidence. This one from H&M would be perfect and it's also budget friendly. It comes in different colors and prints.

Top, $17// Bottom: $12
Big Busted:
You’ve been blessed with BIG boobs? In this case you want to steer away from string bikinis and look for sexy tops that offer support. You want to find a bathing suit in your cup size so that you will feel comfortable frolicking on the beach without a slip up. Also, look for thicker bathing suit straps and double stitched bands for the most flattering results.

Athletic Built: 
If you have a compact or athletic body, you probably look great in anything, but for the sake of argument here are some tricks for you as well. Try picking out girly prints and colors, padded tops and ruffles. All of these will create the illusion of a curvier frame.

If you’re all about that bass…and have curves for days. Then you may want to check out these simple tricks to accentuate your sexy curves. Something like a retro piece that slims your hips an flattens your tummy while accentuating your waist is ideal. Make sure the bottom goes higher than your bellybutton to avoid a muffin top. You can also go for a sexy one piece with sultry peek a boo fabric.

H&M, One Piece, $34// Topshop Retro Bathing Suit: $65

Photo Above: Anthropologie 


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