Video: DIY-How to Make and Outdoor Bench Under $30

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With summer right around the corner, I’m always looking for fun DIY projects for my backyard. So I started doing some research online and found the cutest outdoor bench made by only using cinderblocks and wood. I decided to give it a try and I can’t tell you how easy it is to make.

I took a trip to The Home Depot and bought 6 cinderblocks and 2 4x4 pieces of lumber (which I had cut to 67 inches). The workers at The Home Depot are always so helpful and they helped put the cinderblocks and wood in my cart and carry everything to my car!

Here’s a fun little video I did showing you step-by-step how to make it. 

This bench is perfect for summer barbecues with friends. And speaking of outdoor barbecues, I also spotted some amazing grills at affordable prices at The Home Depot, like this Thrill of the Grill Brinkmann Grill NLP for just $99 or this Nexgrill SB for $199. You can’t go wrong with either. You can also compliment your DIY bench with other patio furniture, which is at up to 15% off at The Home Depot. Hope you have fun creating your own DIY Bench!

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