6 Braided Hairstyles for the Summer

By Contributor Liz de Nuez

Braids are a lot of fun and perfect for the warmer seasons. They vary in complexity and simplicity, but always offer a stand out option. I have rounded up some of my favorites along with some pretty great step-by-step tutorials. I have learned a few tips along the way. #1. Second day hair is best to work with when braiding. #2. Dry shampoo spray is an essential and #3. If at first you don’t succeed...try and try again. It’s all about the practice. Enjoy! BRAIDS

 The crowning braid is a very romantic and sweet choice. It looks best when completed messy and soft with glowy make up. Great choice for any occasion. Check out the tutorial.

2. A side braid has a sweet flirty feel and It’s a quick option that can be put together in just a few minutes. Check out the tutorial.

3. The waterfall braid is a great option for a formal summer event. It looks great dressed up or dressed down, but I can especially picture it at a beach wedding or outdoor formal function. Check out the tutorial.


4. The fishtail is the modern french braid. It looks more difficult that what is actually is and the tutorial was really helpful. This is an easy and fun look for summer vacations and long beach days. Check out the tutorial.

5. This is a three braided updo which is fun for summer and very easy to do. I like that your hair is all up so it can offer a break from the summer heat. It’s also away from your face and pulled back with is great if you are hanging out by the pool or spending the day at the beach. Here is the tutorial.

6. If you have mastered the french braid, then the double dutch braid is for you! I like that it’s girly and sweet for summer. Check out the tutorial.

Well there you have it. My favorite braids for summer. Which one will you try?


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