Motherhood: Tips for Taking Your Baby's Month-by-Month Pictures

They say time flies when you have a child, and it sure does. My little man is already 2 years old and I’m left wondering, where did my little baby go? My husband and I wanted to capture his first year in photos, so we took month-by-month pictures. It was so amazing to see how much he changed, even from one month to the next.

For those moms-to-be or new moms, here are some tips for taking month-by-month pictures.

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Tip #1 Pick the Same Spot: Try to pick a spot where you want to take the pictures and stick to it. It can be a chair, sofa, crib or even a laundry basket. By having the same background each time, you’ll be able to notice the change a lot more.

Tip #2 Pick a Spot with Good Lighting: Shooting indoors can get pretty tricky. I had to play around with different settings and angles before finding the right lighting to take my son’s month-to-month pictures. Try to pick a spot close to a window to get the best natural lighting.

Tip #3 Show What Month It Is: You want to make sure to include a way to tell what month it is. Get creative! Some ideas include Photoshop, a chalkboard, or felt letters.

Tip #4 Pick an Outfit: Start thinking about what you want your baby to wear. You can choose diapers or perhaps a plain white bodysuit. Some parents prefer to keep it simple so the focus can be on the growth of the baby — plus a white tee never goes out of style. I love fashion, so wanted to play around with different outfits.

Tip #5 Stick to a Date: Most importantly, be sure to stick to a date when taking these pictures. Whether you want to take pictures month-to-month or every three months, be sure not to forget! You can even set yourself a reminder on your cell phone just in case.


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