Motherhood: Andres, at 2.5 Years Old

I'm sure every first-time mom will say this, but man, time really does fly by. Andres is already 2 years old! He's actually going to be 2.5 next month. Every stage is beautiful, but gosh, I'm really loving this 2.5 stage. I mean just look at that smile, he melts my heart.

I thought I'd give you a quick update of Andres at 2.5:

He's obsessed with anything that has to do with trains, cars, dinosaurs and NEMO! In fact, the other day a lady at the grocery store asked him what his name was and he said "I'm Nemo." Oh, but then he corrected himself and said he's actually "Nemo Andres."

I'm in love with his gentle and kind spirit. The other day I pretended to cry because I jammed my toe and he said "No cry Mama, all better," and then kissed my toe.

He loves to dance, he's still working on his rhythm, but he's getting there.

I'm still trying to get him to like my singing though.  For some reason, every time I start singing, he starts yelling "Please stop it, stop it!"

Andres, I'm so blessed to be your mama. Can you stay this little forever?


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