Motherhood Mondays: 5 (Random) Mothering Tips from my Latina Mom

When my son was first born, my mom spent one week with my husband and I. It was such a blessing to have her help, but at the same time I felt she had something to say about everything. Mainly, that everything I was doing was wrong. She didn’t agree with anything my pediatrician said and thought I was crazy for putting white noise to get my baby to sleep, “we never did that when I was growing up,” she would say.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love her advice.  In fact, as my son has gotten older I've started to realize there is truth and wisdom in all of our mother's (and grandmother's) advice. Besides, they've been doing this "parenting" thing way longer.

Here’s some of the most interesting advice my Latina mom gave me as a new mom.


You Need to Observe “La Cuarentena” (40 days after birth): According to my mom (and many cultures) after you give birth, La Cuarentena is a 40-day rest period that is considered mandatory. This means trying to stay home, relax, and eat tons of chicken soup. Not observing the Cuarentena can lead to bad headaches in the future.

Don’t Let Anyone with their “Monthly Visitor” Carry Your Baby: My mom strongly believed that anyone with a visit from "Aunt Flow" should never carry your baby. Doing so could lead to “pujo” or colic in the baby.

Drink Plenty of 'Aguapanela': My mom swears by aguapanela, which is derived by hardened cane pulp. In fact, when my mom stayed with me that first week, she made me drink about 2 cups of aguapanela a day. According to her, aguapanela helps your milk supply when you’re breastfeeding. 

Don’t Take The Baby Out In the “Sereno”: The “sereno” or evening dew is really bad for the baby. According to my mom, the baby should never be outside in the sereno. This advice is still a mystery to me.

Your Baby Should Wear an “Ombliguero”: My mom insisted my baby wear an ombliguero when he was first born. It’s basically a bandage looking thing that covers the baby’s umbilical cord. It’s supposed to help them have a “pretty” belly button. I never got around to buying one, to which my mom now credits the reason why my baby has an outie. “He should have worn an ombliguero” she says.

Did your mom have any “random” advice when your child was first born? Leave me a comment below, I'd love to hear it! 


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