Our Favorite Bug Spray!

Ever since we got a playground, we’ve been spending more and more time outside. The only problem is, I usually take Andres to the playground once the sun starts to set (so he’s not getting too much sun) but as many of you might know, that’s when mosquitos also like to come out.

It’s super annoying and sometimes we’ll only spend five minutes outside before we have to come running back in because we are being surrounded by mosquitos. I’ve been on the hunt for a bug-repellent that actually works and came across Avon’s Skin So Soft Bug Guard. I had actually tried an Avon Skin So Soft oil version years back when the hubby and I went camping. We were being attacked by gnats and a fellow camper gave us some to try. He had been camping for years and told us how he never went camping without it. It worked like a charm.

They have two aerosol spray versions that I really like called Expedition and Picaridin. Both are great for kids since they are DEET-free and can repel mosquitos for up to 8 hours. I also really like that the Expedition has SPF 30, so it protects my little one from the sun and has Aloe (so it’s soft on his skin).

I’ve been using it every time we go to the playground and it works great. It actually makes me want to spend more time outdoors and last week I even planned dinner al fresco (something I had never done before because of those pesky mosquitos). It’s also budget-friendly, under $20 bucks and perfect for all of your summer outdoor needs!

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Avon. All opinions, however, are my own. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that make Viva Fashion possible.

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