Work Uniform: Netty, Lawyer

One of the biggest question we get all the time from our readers is "what to wear to work," which is why we're really excited to start our new series called Work Uniform.  In this series, we'll be featuring various women from different fields and show you how they dress on the job.  To kick it off, we'd like to introduce you to our beautiful friend Netty.

Netty is a Miami-based Lawyer and founder of the fashion blog The Fashionable Esq. Here are some of her tips and outfit inspiration.

Tell me about this outfit and why it works for work? 
The grey dress was given to me by a brand named Of Mercer, they're a cool online shop dedicated to the working woman, and they specialize in work appropriate dresses. I struggle to find pieces that are well tailored and work appropriate (in terms of tight fitting and hemlines)- while they are pricey, they offer a good selection of traditional pieces that work for the office. The grey dress on it's own is cute, and more traditional. I styled it with a white button down underneath in order to add a little bit more of a fashion forward flair. The statement necklace is bright but can be toned down for the court room by switching it out with something less bold, or by simply forgoing the necklace all together.

My navy blue, nautical inspired outfit is a casual Friday selection. I find that the J.Crew No.2 Pencil Skirt fits me well, with a hemline that is work appropriate. It gives a super flattering silhouette and comes in many color variations and styles. The navy blouse is a great piece for both weekend and office wear. The lining makes me happy because when you roll the sleeves up, there's a pretty little party underneath.

What are your favorite places to shop for work?
My favorite work outfit retailers include Ann Taylor, LOFT, J.Crew, Banana Republic. Some of the more affordable options can be found at Express and LOFT. I try to stay way from super high end pieces because I like to spend more on my weekend and evening wear as opposed to work clothes.

What are some of your other fashion staples for work? 
A definite work staple is a tried and tested comfortable pair of black and nude closed toed pumps.
3" inch heel or less works well, and a padded footbed is amazing as well for those of us that have to be on our feet a lot. I have yet to find the perfect brand of footwear that meets all of my criteria! I would love to hear your recommendations! Many attorney's like Joan & David and Nine West for their variety...but I do not really find either that comfy :(

Any other helpful tips you'd like to share?
I think that a good blowout goes a long way in this business. When I have my hair done, it really makes me feel put together. When you pair that with a good power suit, you have a good combination and confidence boost! I like to try to extend the life of my blowout with dry shampoo (right now I'm into PSST), and I like to pin my bangs bag during the workday. It's less fussy and it just feels more traditional.

Thank you so much Netty! Be sure to check out her blog The Fashionable Esq. 

Hope you like this new series! If you'd like to be featured in our next "Work Uniform,"  simply shoot us an email to 

Netty is a Miami Based Lawyer and founder of The Fashionable ESQ, a personal style blog with a focus on weekend and workwear. Right now, she started a workwear series where she aims to post traditional work appropriate outfits on Monday, and more casual Friday outfits on Fridays. In between you will always find fun weekend wear looks. She also loves to document fashion related events, and recently had an amazing time chronicling runway looks at Miami Swim week from brands like Maaji and Gotex.


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