My Favorite Organic Beauty Products

When my husband was first diagnosed with cancer last year, it was a big awakening for us. Not only about our lifestyle and the things that we ate, but also the products that we used on a daily basis. It also made me think about the beauty products I used.

Your skin is your body's largest organ, so we really need to consider what we put "on" it, because what goes on your skin, eventually goes "in" your body. I've since been trying to use products that have organic/natural ingredients (or at least ingredients that I can actually pronounce).

That's not to say that all I use now is organic beauty products, in fact, many of the beauty products I use for TV segments are still from mass retailers, but I try to use the same concept I use for food, which is my 80/20 rule.  80 percent of the time, I use products that are organic and 20 percent of the time I don't worry about it. Life is all about balance and not perfection.

Here are a few of my favorites that I'm loving right now.

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1. Brittanie's Thyme Organic Almond Oatmeal Facial Scrub, ($9)- Whenever I feel like my skin needs a good exfoliation I use this product. It's USDA Organic Certified and it's made from ingredients that I can actually EAT if I wanted to haha--organic oatmeal and organic raw almonds. It leaves your skin feeling so soft like a baby's butt.

2. Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner- ($28) This product is like heaven to my skin. It's a hydrating mist toner and I usually apply it after my makeup to give my skin a nice "dewy" look or as the last step in my cleansing routine. It smells delicious and has ingredients like rose, geranium and lavender. This brand is also a favorite of Kate Middleton, especially their RoseHip Seed Oil.

3. Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum ($33)- This serum helps to brighten, tighten and smooth the skin. My skin feels so nice every time I use it. It also helped with breakouts. You can find it at health stores such as Whole Foods.

4. Rose Mira Sweet Coconut Body Butter, ($22) This is another one of my new favorite organic beauty brands. I've been using their body butter and it's soooooooo moisturizing. It does leave your skin a bit greasy, but I don't mind at all, I actually like that. I use it on my legs and arms and all over my body after the shower.

5. Truly's Natural Cream Deodorant, ($8.99)- I've been through my share of natural deodorants and I can FINALLY say I found one that works. It's made with organic ingredients and it's GMO Free. I absolutely love it. (I'll be doing another post on natural deodorants, so stay tuned)

6. Rose Mira Restorative Cream, ($40)- If you're looking for a face moisturizer, I highly recommend this one from Rose Mira. It smells wonderful and leaves your skin feeling so smooth and moisturized.

7. Ohana Organics, ($7)- These organic perfumes smell great and they're small enough that I can take them with me anywhere (I keep several in my purse). They're made with organic ingredients such as organic almond oil, organic lavender, organic roses and botanical fragrance.


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