Work Uniform: Susset Cabrera, Public Relations

Next up for our "Work Uniform" series is Susset Cabrera. She's the CEO and Founder of Peacock Public Relations. She shares with us her tips and tricks for dressing on the job.

Tell us about your job, what do you do?
My name is Susset Cabrera and I'm the CEO & Founder of Peacock Public Relations. I work with clients in the fashion, music and entertainment industry to help them attract media exposure. Whether they're looking to pitch themselves, their brands/ products or a special events, I'm their go-to person when they're seeking strategic connections and media opportunities. My company recently celebrated its five year anniversary in May so it's been an amazing journey to watch how my work has evolved throughout the years. Now a days, I focus all of my energy on making magic happen with my clients! On a day to day basis, my work schedule constantly changes depending on any meetings or events I may be attending. My office in Coral Gables, Florida has become my second home and I find myself loving my little neighborhood on Galiano Street (right off Miracle Mile). There's a coffee shop in the corner (Pasion del Cielo) and an amazing Spanish restaurant across the street (Graziano's) so it's a great place to meet young professionals in my area. I honestly feel like I'm living in a dream PR dream of course!

Talk about your outfit pick and why it works for work. 
I'm a huge fan of the classic black pencil skirt. I guess it's a staple that stuck around with me from business school. I always saw the skirt on brochures and executive program advertisements so I associate the skirt with a "power" look for women. In this particular image, I've paired the skirt with a colorful orange floral top from Mango and strappy silver shoes from Aldo. My YSL handbag is my favorite accessory because I can fit my laptop in there if I have to meet with clients or if I'm working on location (either filming a tv segment, recording a radio interview or working on a model casting).

My second work look involves fun pants! Although I love wearing dresses and skirts, sometimes I dress more conservative for a high profile meeting or an important day in the office. The second look  features a black top with black and white plaid pants from The Limited. My shoes are from Steve Madden. You should always have a comfortable pair of black pumps as a business woman!

What are your favorite places to shop for work? I find myself shopping at Zara, The Limited, Ann Taylor and Express for work outfits. They're right in line with my personal style and I love the way the clothes fits too. Not every store has the same fit on your body and your curves so it's something I keep in mind when shopping. In terms of shoes, I love shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue, Aldo, Steve Madden and Nine West. As I get older, I do splurge on high quality and comfortable shoes because the busier I become...the more I run around during the day. Shoes have actually become very important to me as well as getting a weekly pedicure!

What are some of your other fashion staples for work?
I'm absolutely obsessed with statement necklaces! I've started a growing collection of bold and glamorous pieces. The neck attracts attention when you first meet someone especially if you're wearing a piece that sparkles. One of my hidden spots for lovely necklaces is called The Sale Rack in Coconut Grove. They sell the most beautiful vintage gold necklaces so I feel like every time I wear one of their pieces...I receive the most compliments. They really are unique and you won't look like anyone else in Miami. That's the most important piece of advice...wear clothes that you are naturally drawn to and not something you've seen on other people. Your clothes is what makes you unique and it should always resonate with your personality!

Any other tips you'd like to share?
Fashion should be really easy! On a casual day at the office, I love to try new colors and patterns or wear a funky pair of leggings with a simple top! It's about expressing the way you feel that day and understanding that the real work is waiting for you in your inbox! When you shop, have fun and don't be afraid to walk into a small boutique to buy a piece you're really attracted to. Those are the ones that usually make you shine and be different.

Thank you so much Susset for the interview! We love your style. 

Image Credit: Maria M. Ruiz 


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