The Perfect Gift for Your Globe-Trotting Friend: GlobeIn

It's no secret that we love subscription boxes, but we must admit, we are pretty obsessed with GlobeIn.  If one thing you love about traveling is shopping for unique handcrafted items, then you're going to love these boxes. My husband and I always loved picking up things from our travels, whether it was a wooden sword from Bora Bora (during our honeymoon) or a handmade bracelet from Mexico--it's something I'll always cherish with all of my heart.

If you're not aware, GlobeIn is a monthly subscription box that curates handcrafted products from global artisans all over the world---from Mexican woven baskets to a bud vase from Nepal. Each box is curated around a monthly theme. Last month the theme was the Bedroom Box.  I was pretty excited to find out it was a bedroom theme, because I'm in the process of changing up my bedroom.

First up in the box was this adorable Seahorse Pillow Pet from Guatemala (it comes in other colors too).  I love it! It adds such a nice splash of color to any bed. The artisan box also comes with a little book that shares a story behind the artisan.

For example, Siliva Mazariego (a tailor and designer that helped pilot the pillow pet product line) her sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. The disease has already taken the life of her eldest sister. For Silvia and her family, the pillow pet has become a beacon of hope, especially the GlobeIn order of 1,000 seahorses that came just at the right time. The whole family has organized to assist Silvia in the effort of cutting, sewing, stuffing, and assembling the pets, the proceeds of which will cover the sister's costly path back to health. As you know, this is something very dear to my heart, given my own husband passed away from this horrible disease this year.

Even my son Andres was a huge fan of the Seahorse Pillow Pet!

Also in the box was this handwoven bowl from Mexico. It sits on my dresser and it's perfect for holding my everyday accessories like my watch, earrings and even some loose change.

This massage oil candle comes all the way from Ghana and smells heavenly. It's made with top-notch shea butter along with lavender.

But my favorite from the box has got to be this bud vase from Nepal. It's so delicate and beautiful. It's made with a combination of feldspar and other materials from India. It was made by Tej Bhadur Prajapati who was once in charge of ceramics development at the Nepalese non-profit, Association for Craft Producers. He recently started his own stoneware business in Nepal and through his craft he supports the schooling of his two seven year-old town daughters.

So there you have it folks. Not only do I love all the exotic goodies that come in the GlobeIn Artisan Boxes each month, it's also great to see how they help bring exposure to small artists (and no, this is not a sponsored post haha). Many of the products are also eco-friendly, organic and/or fair trade (which you know I'm all about it). It's $35 bucks a month and would make the perfect gift for your globe-trotting friends.

Also when you use the coupon code VIVA you'll save 25% off your first month's box with a purchase of 3 and 6 month subscriptions! I know you're going to enjoy it as much as I have.


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